There’s only three of them on stage, but they sound like a whole machine. The spirit of Forecast dates back to 2012, and until this day their sole purpose has been to turn great influences into their own sound with their magic fingers, powerful voices and rhythmical sensations. They’ve played several clubs and bars in southern Sweden including Jönköping, Varberg, Malmö and Helsingborg and done two mini tours to Stockholm. As support for bands such as Hi-Fly, Royal Ruckus, VA Rocks, Frontback, Martin Thomander etc. Their song Desert paranoia from their EP was aired by Nicke Borg on his show Nickes Rocklead on Rockklassiker in 2016. The song 7&7 was released on Thunder & Lightning Records mix tape Never Say Die, Iron Eagle in May 2017. Future plans involve playing more gigs, and going in to the studio to record a full-length album in the near future.